Home Inspector Reviews from Our Clients
Joyce L, San Francisco
Thomas and Barbara! WOW. What a great team!! We were in the process of buying a house and wanted an inspection done, even though another company did an inspection on the house in March. We had until Tuesday to remove all the contingencies and I called them on Friday to see if they could come out. They were booked for the weekend initially. Luckily, someone cancelled and we made an arrangement for Thomas to come out on Sunday. That Friday night, after signing the inspection agreement, Barbara spent over an hour going over everything we needed to know about buying a house plus some more.She told us how the inspection process was going to be like with Thomas as well and it will take about 3-4 hours.We showed up at the house at 8:50 or so and Thomas was there already for our 9 o'clock appointment! He said he was there earlier and inspected the exterior already. He took the time to go over the exterior with us, then resumed his inspection of the interior. And then he went over his findings with us. Mind you that my dad was there and asked him all sort of questions and he answered everything without hesitations. He knew that we wanted the report right away and sent us the report the same night!!! Overall, I felt he was genuinely caring and knowledgeable! And PROMPT, which is one of the biggest requirements in this rush/hot market!

Nisha K., San Francisco
I was super impressed with Vista. This is our first home purchase, so we were nervous about a lot of the steps. Luckily, the general inspection part was a breeze. Barbara and Thomas are amazing with customer service. When because she wishes that someone told her all these things when she was purchasing for the 1st time. She explained so much about not only the inspection process, but also about things to be wary of when buying a home. I took 5 pages of notes during that phone conversation and it was priceless. It felt like a parent that was During the inspection, Thomas came out and was super thorough. The previous owners had the place inspected 2 years ago when they moved in and it turns out that their inspector missed almost half the things (like a bucket left up on the roof) that Thomas pointed out. He is very patient and will take the time to find even the tiny little issues. After he inspected, he did a long walk through with us and even taught us how to fix things, drain the water heater and other maintenance issues. We took 2 more pages of notes. It was like having your dad there to make sure you knew what you were doing and patiently teaching you once you're on your own! He was also super patient and thoroughly explained all the answers to all the questions we had. BEST INSPECTORS and BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever! In comparison, our pest inspector who was there at the same time, was in and out so fast and only had a few things to say to us. We really appreciated Barbara and Thomas after seeing the vast difference w/the termite guy

Ying S, San Mateo 
This is the first time that I ever write a review on yelp just because Thomas and Barbara are so wonderful. First, Barbara explained inspection process and answered my questions very detailed and patiently on the phone. Then Thomas paid attention to all details and answered my questions very patiently. They always encouraged people to ask questions. Stop searching for other inspectors. They are the best and very reliable. Their price is also very reasonable. I will never imagine a better inspector than Thomas.

Yudy L, Burlingame 
Thank you so much for the outstanding inspection services! Vista Inspection was an invaluable investment in the process of purchasing my home. In the current volatile and competitive real estate market, buyers take great risks in order to accomplish the American dream. Fortunately, Vista inspection services provided me an excellent report that enabled me to acquire the home with a clear understanding of the nature and state of house. In addition, Vista inspection report allowed me to prioritize the upgrades and repairs the house needed. The report is insightful, descriptive, clear and reliable. Thomas expertise, professionalism, responsiveness, honesty and reliable service are superb. I applaud Vista Inspection team, Barbara and Thomas, for providing our community such valuable and high quality services. Thank you!

Salim C, Daly City
Tom and Barbara from Vista inspection services did the inspection of my first home in late September. Barbara was very responsive and Tom is absolutely fantastic! He is very knowledgeable, detail oriented, professional and very friendly. He took the time to inspect the whole house and walked us through every detail and issue that he flagged. He was spot on about the age of the roof on my house! Since the inspection, I have contacted Tom and Barbara on a couple of occasions about questions and suggestions about my house and on each occasion they have been very accommodating. I will not hesitate for a second to use vista inspection in the future. Highly recommend them!

Lou C, Pacifica
None better! I was exploring a foreclosure purchase and very leery about the property being that I live 3000 miles away. Vista instantly responded and accommodated my tight schedule. Barbara spent a good part of her Saturday walking me through the steps of the process, and provided expert, detailed guidance that was invaluable. She then followed up on Sunday to provide an additional wealth of information that was all directly relevant to the property and the purchase.

The very next Wednesday I met the inspector, Thomas, at the property. He was on time and absolutely delightful to spend a good number of hours with while he thoroughly checked the place out. There wasn't an inch of that house he didn't carefully examine, and he provided his initial
assessment as we spoke while very methodically took notes and pictures. Not only was Thomas clearly expert at his craft, he was very polite and fun to be around. The level of customer service was superior, and for me the customer experience was excellent.

Within a day or two, the final Vista report on the property was emailed to me. It was one of the most detailed and comprehensive reports I've ever seen (and I used to appraise homes for a living). What blew me away was the amazing detail, the clarity of the pictures, and the notes and highlights around each that pointed to any area of concern regarding the property. I couldn't believe that Thomas captured this amazing piece of work the way he did. There was no doubt he was very observant, but the report clearly demonstrates the level of professionalism and just how
serious Vista takes their service. The cost of the service is insignificant compared to what you get out of it.

After reviewing the report, I emailed Thomas back to thank him for his promptness. Within 5 minutes, he called me to thank me for sending the thank you. If you need to check out your home or a potential property you may be purchasing, hire Vista and avoid costly assumptions. They
are top rate!!!

Mann V, Redwood City
We are buying a house, and TBH, we weren't sure if we could trust the reviews on Yelp for something as crucial as a home inspection. Before the inspection, but about all other processes that go in buying your home. By the end of the call, I was exhausted just listening to her for such a longtime. I don't know how she manages to talk for so long. But I can't tell you just how valuable that call was! Then, Thomas shows up for the inspection earlier than expected, and spends a lot of time carefully reviewing everything and explaining in layman's terms. We've just started reading the report, which is much easier now because of the time Thomas spent explaining everything to me during the inspection. I love it when a business thrives through word-of-mouth because they provide a phenomenal service. Vista is definitely one such business!

Ridhima S., Palo Alto
Thomas has a method and it was impressive. Once he completed the inspection he gave us a tour of each and every corner of the home explaining his findings and possible solutions.

What's more they offered to come on the long weekend when no one else was even willing to oblige. It saved us so much time, effort, and energy and we are thankful to them for giving us this appointment. Thank you so much! We will be recommending your services to family and friends as well. Keep up the good work!

Allison S, Half Moon Bay
Thank you Thomas and Barbara for wonderful service! After reading the Yelp reviews, my husband and I were determined to use Vista. Thankfully they had a last minute opening and we were able to book them within our time frame. Barbara was very helpful and acommodating over the phone. We shouldn't have been surprised that Thomas was equally so! He arrived early at the property and spent an ample amount of time inspecting on his own. When we thought he was finished and was going to go home, he then invited us to walk through the property with him, talking one-on-one and answering any questions that we had. It was so nice to be able to approach him with questions. It made reading the hard copy of the 51 page report less overwhelming because we had visually been informed of every item in the report.  In summary, because of Vista, we feel we have a complete and thorough understanding of the home we're buying. We would highly recommend their services--well worth the money.

Robert N, Sausalito
Outstanding in all respects! Courteous and professional from the initial contact, scheduling, inspection, to the final report which was very thorough
and well prepared.

Yves C, South San Francisco
Seriously, you want excellent and personable service, it doesn't get any better with Vista Inspection Services. We're first time home buyers and time was of the essence for a home inspection. VIS was able to book us even though we were on a pinch for time.

After receiving and signing the agreement, Barbara wanted both my wife and I to call her. She insisted as well that both of us were on the call. Every minute of it was worth it. The call was very informative and any questions we had was answered not only truthfully but also in detail. When the day came for the inspection, Thomas was already at it before we got there. He took his time to go through every nook and cranny of the property. When he would finish one part of the house, he would stop, talk to us and discuss his findings. After everything was all said and done, Thomas gave us a detailed verbal summary of all his findings and required/optional solutions.

Now for the report. For a quick turnaround on receiving the report, Thomas' report was excellent and very detailed. Everything that he spoke to us about verbally was there detailing every little thing. Honestly, when I compared sample reports from other companies while shopping around, VIS
was second to none. It was a clear deciding factor for me at that point. If you're reading this and your shopping around for a home inspection service whether your a first time home buyer or not, don't look any further. I would refer Thomas and Barbara (Vista Inspection Services) in a heartbeat.

Brian C, Belmont
My fiancé and I are buying our first home together and we needed to do a home inspection. Being new to all the things involved in buying a home we 
had no clue who to choose. From the first call with Barbara to the actual inspection, everything was explained in detail. I would recommend them to 
family and friends.

Richard T., Ross
I discovered Vista from Yelp. I phoned, and Barbara took my call and was so helpful. She really went the extra mile to meet my schedule request. 
When Thomas came out to do the inspection, I liked him from the beginning. He is so pleasant, so thorough, and so knowledgeable. Please
believe me when I say this is absolute perfection in a home inspection team. Barbara is so helpful and has great advice, and Thomas is  
incredible resource. You will be very please with Vista.

Girish M, San Francisco
Ah, I finally got around to writing my woefully belated review for this fantastic little company. I bought my first home (condo) last fall and I was
nervous about finding a decent home inspector - I was told by numerous In terms of quality, Thomas is extremely knowledgable & took his time to 
complete a very thorough assessment. His final report (he sends a PDF) was quite detailed with pictures of my unit throughout. He also pointed
out a number watchouts and tips informally to me during the walk through. All in all, Thomas was great inspector with very reasonable rates. I
highly recommend him and wouldn't hesitate to use him again in the future!

Jeremy B, San Francisco
I don't review often, but when I do, it's because I would have a guilty conscience if I didn't. The service was that outstanding. I'm a first time home buyer and it's a sellers market. So, we needed to go in with as few contingencies as possible to put in a competitive bid. We decided to phone Vista Inspection Services to see if they could come do a home inspection with about 18 hours advanced notice, a day before our offer was due. Boy, am I glad I called. I can't tell you what a breath of fresh air it was talking to Barbara on our initial call. We spent about 45 min. on the phone talking about all things home-buying and certainly every detail about home inspections -- what to know and what to look out for even if we don't choose Vista. Barbara was the best. In real estate, everything seems to be going 1000 mph and all documents are whipped in front of you to sign, but Barbara slowed everything down. Even when I told her "I'll have the contract signed and back to you before 5"; she cut me off saying "No! Your parents are attorneys you said--show it to them! Make sure you know what you are signing. It is perfectly OK if you don't want to sign" I could go on for pages just on Barbara, but Thomas deserves his space too :) Thomas admits he has a problem -- that he has a bad habit of showing up early! We had a 7am meeting scheduled--squeezed in because of the extremely late notice--and when we showed up at 7:00, Thomas appeared from somewhere behind the house already having started the inspection. As for Thomas? A quick description: Thorough. Attentive to minute details. Nice. Funny. Experienced. Passionate. Extremely knowledgeable. Patient. NOT CONDESCENDING to a layman like myself. Honest. And dare I say, he was even inspiring. As they say on Ebay, "A+++++ would do business with again".... in a heartbeat. See you next time, Vista! And Barbara, well, she'll probably be hearing from me just about random advice for a new homeowner!.

Myron L, San Francisco
Before I get into writing this review let me give you some background. It takes a lot for me to write any reviews because I feel most is very subjective or the service wasn't so up to par and I'm not on a vendetta streak to slam them. So....First , if you are buying a house, ALWAYS hire a home inspector. They can find things you can't even begin to imagine and can save you lots of money and headache in the long run. You can always use inspections as a way to negotiate a lower price based on things that needs to be addressed.

Also at the time of this review, this is the second time I've used them. The first time they found so many defects in the house that we decided to pull back. These defects include a leaking roof, a collapsing stair and major foundation and draining issue.... at the tune of over $200k to fix!
Also unlike other reviewers, this is my second home purchase and I've used another inspector the first time so I have something to compare it to. So what do I think? There are a couple things I value.

1. Timeliness - shows up on time every time. In fact, I get there 10 minutes early and Thomas was already there!
2. Thoroughness - talk about picky. Thomas knows his stuff! He has multiple certifications and if I didn't know better, he must have been a contractor of everything in his past life. He knows stuff that most inspectors wouldn't. He notes things like tempered glass, fire door rating, 3 prong plus that were not grounded, flashing that needs to be addressed, grading of concrete, window leaks, found the hood range not using proper vent piping & installed wrong where the air was blowing back into the kitchen and even gave me a history of why the electrical breaker box should be replaced (how the company went out of business because they sold faulty, low quality breakers). His report for two properties we were interested in was over 40 pages including the latest one at 64 pages (photos and all!)! How does Vista compare? I also hired someone else, who gave me 10 pages and didn't find anything that Thomas didn't. Did I mention Thomas spent 3.5 hours? For what they charge that's cheaper than getting my car repaired!
3. Customer oriented - After Thomas spent around 1.5 - 2 hours inspecting the house, he walks you through what he found with you and that alone takes over 1 hour. He wasn't rushed and definitely didn't give you the "hurry up so I can go to another scheduled appointment" feel. I strongly suggest you are present for this. Even if his report is great, there's nothing like getting walked through everything he finds. The report was emailed to me in around 2 days with Barbara following up to ensure I got the report and asked if I have any questions. Since this was the second property we were getting inspected by them, Barbara recognized my voice and even offered me a discount because I've used them before.

So in closing, use this service. They are a little more expensive but Thomas is certified and holds multiple certifications that allows him to see and know things most others do not... especially for complex housing cities like San Francisco which are filled with homes built in the early 20's
retrofitted to handle multi-tenancies. My only regret was that I didn't use them for the first house I bought. The guy who inspected my first house did a decent job (25 page report) but nothing compared to Thomas. Worth every penny spent!!!

Jon R, San Francisco
Unbelievable. Seriously. First time buyer with no clue what to look for or do and Thomas held my hand through the entire process. Amazing customer service on first phone call, follow-up prior to visit, the actual inspection, and the followups (several of them) AFTER the inspection.  
The inspection report was beyond thorough. It not only helped in getting me a nice sized credit on my closing costs, but helped me in understanding homes in general, the process, maintenance of my house after purchase, and MORE. I cannot say enough good things about both Barbara & 
Thomas and they are BOTH coming over for drinks and dinner!

Don H, San Francisco
Great customer Service! This review is long overdue. It took me awhile to decide on a home inspector. Vista was probably like the third company that I called. Barbara is very sweet and nice. If I remember correctly, Thomas came over and did the home inspection. He was up, down, inside, and outside. Not a foot of the house was not inspected.

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