Preparation for a Home Inspection
This is a real opportunity to go through the house in detail. Your questions are encouraged before, during and after the home inspection.

1) Are the utilities (gas, electricity, water) turned on?   

It is possible to perform a home inspection without utilities, but, areas and components which require their use cannot be evaluated, inspected or included in the home inspection. There will be an additional fee if a re-inspection is necessary when the utilities are turned on.

2) Is there access to electrical panels, furnaces, water heaters, interior and exterior walls, crawlspace, attic, roof, garage, and other important systems and components?

Please clear pathways to all the electrical panels, furnaces, water heaters, foundation (both inside and outside), attic, crawlspace, windows, etc. The home inspector does not clear walkways or move furniture, personal belongings, stored items, or other obstructions.

3) Has everyone been notified?  

Many cities and counties have legal requirements for the notification of tenants. Please be sure that everyone has agreed to the inspection.

4) Are there pets?

It is important that arrangements be made prior to the inspection so that all pets are safe and secure.

5) Allow enough time for the inspection and questions.

A single family home inspection generally take a minimum of three hours for a single family home. Please make sure that your real estate agent also has enough time, so that you are comfortable asking questions. 
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